605 Macpherson Road #01-08 Citimac Industrial Complex, S'pore 368241 (Tai Seng MRT CC11 exit B -->rt)
Daily : 1:00pm - 10:00pm
Mr. Willy Ng, Sales/Delivery Supervisor
+65 9696 0007 / +65 9831 0802
Mr. Saiful +65 9115 7799
Ms. Wang +65 9622 0029 (Mandarin only)

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Do you have a showroom where I can view?

Yes I have a 4000 sq ft showroom just a stone's throw from Circle Line Tai Seng MRT Station CC11 exit B (turn right --> and walk towards Macpherson Road)

Any delivery charges?

Delivery charge of $30 per trip islandwide is limited to HDB units on floors serviced by lifts/elevators. If you require transport of goods just to the unloading area, we only charge $20 per trip/load. However, delivery to condominiums will be subjected to a minimum of $50 per trip limited to the respective condominium's unloading areas since condominiums have strict rules regarding delivery times and management approvals of such deliveries.

If goods are unable to fit into lifts/elevators for units on levels serviced by lifts , there will be additional charges required for delivery via stair-climbing & etc. Please ask our staff for more details.

Can you deliver in the night after office hours?

Actually, most of our deliveries are after office hours and even public holidays.

Are there any extra charges for night deliveries?


Do you charge for installation?

Yes. We charge between $10 - $40 depending on the complication and tools used during installation of furniture

If I shop online I can’t see the items?

When we shop at showrooms or furniture shops, most of the time we would be only be shown catalogues too. We are trying to showcase some common items in our showroom so that you can get a feel of the size and space but imagine the amount of space and cost needed to display all items in the market.

Can I change my order after I place an order?

Yup, if you notify at least 3 days before delivery you can change your order. *except for items with special modifications done/ special promotional items, end of line items or display items. eg. sofas, cupboards with changes to interior, etc (please clarify with us before the order)

Can I make the purchase now and deliver at a later date?

Sure, you can make a deposit for the items to reserve it and we will deliver at a later date as requested.

Does your furniture comes with warranty?

We will follow the manufacturer's policies regarding manufacturing defects. Mattresses come with manufacturer’s warranty of between 1-15yrs. Some sofas come with 2 yrs warranty etc. Self-assembly/DIY items does not carry any warranty because they came in their original manufacturer's boxes neither does display/promotional/offer items. Please ask the sales person attending you to allow you to check your DIY purchase when you are making payment if you are unsure.

Why are your prices so low? Are they new?

New products can be sold at lower prices than due to

- Long standing relationships with our suppliers;

- Maintaining low overheads;

- Maintaining low operating costs.

What happens if the goods received is defective?

We do try our best to ensure that the goods leave our warehouse in tip-top condition. However, if you should discover a major defect, please inform the delivery people and our staff immediately. If it is due to manufacturing defect and not misuse, abuse or wear & tear, we will rectify it @ the earliest possible time.

However, please be understanding because sometimes, even our suppliers run out of stock or a batch of stock has the same defect. At times, we have to notify the supplier and then the manufacturer.

Can we trade in our old furniture?

We are sorry but we are unable to take trade-ins.

Can we ask your delivery team to throw away our old furniture?

The delivery team cannot help dispose of used/old items. Please contact your maintenance people or your refuse contractor(s) regarding these requests.

If I like the items online how can I secure the item?

You can do a fund transfer to secure the items that you like and we issue you an copy of your invoice and receipt via email or mms.

However we do advise you to come visit our showroom to check out our items if you have the time. We might have newer & better items that we have not been able to upload.


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